The services we offer

Tuning and Maintenance

For a tuning and/or maintenance visit, all small and everyday faults we find, or those that are recorded in the ‘Tuner’s Book’ will be investigated. Where possible, these faults will be corrected.

When faults are deemed to be large, or need more time to rectify, they will be recorded in the ‘Tuner’s Book’. More information will be provided on how to contact us to discuss the way forward.

"Just Reed’ visits

This will not apply to all, as it is just a short tuning visit to tune the ’reed stops’ on the organ (i.e. Trumpet, oboe, etc).  Not all pipe organs will have reeds. This type of visit does not replace the need for full and regular tuning, but is a way of keeping on top of it, for example when the weather changes, you have an upcoming wedding or funeral, or when the heating goes on.


For small repairs:  We are able to make a visit soley for correcting these, as they can sometimes take a reasonable amount of time to rectify. No tuning would normally be done, unless it was to get to the part needing repair, or we had to remove some of the pipework. If the problem appears to require more than a short visit to fix, then we will report back to you to discuss the issue, and send you an estimate if required.

For larger repairs: You will be given an estimate of the work involved with an explanation of what is required. A breakdown of any options will be provided. These may well result in parts being removed to be repaired or even overhauled / refurbished as agreed. 


A cleaning visit will consist of:

  • The removal of the pipes,
  • Cleaning them,
  • Checking their speech,
  • Making any required repairs (In the event that there is a large amount of work required, these will be agreed with you first, otherwise they will be done as a matter of course),
  • All surfaces cleaned down inside, with the case work being cleaned as agreed by yourself.
  • Reassembly, and tuning.

This work will not be carried out without an estimate first being given, and written approval to proceed being granted.

Overhauling / refurbishment

For this we would dismantle the instrument, take the parts apart and service them to make them all work as they are meant to. This may involve upgrading of some components, and the re-leathering of parts, etc .

Once complete, the organ will be put back together, set up, tested, and finally tuned. All of this would be outlined in an estimate given prior to work commencing.  

An example of a repair we have carried out


Before & after photo’s showing progress on a project to replace moth damage and age related wear and tear. The chest was removed and brought to our workshop for refurbishment.